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Thank You!

by Jack Williams on 7 May, 2016

Thank you to everyone who helped, supported and encouraged me – I am pleased to announce that I was elected to represent Churchdown on Gloucestershire County Council with a majority of 638 over the Conservative candidate.

The full result

 Votes  %
Jack Williams (LD) 1700 54.47
Conservative 1062 34.03
Labour 359 11.50

Lib Dem majority: 638. Turnout 3121 (36%)

It is a shame that this opportunity was only available to me due to the sad loss of Bill Whelan earlier this year It is important to me to continue the work that Bill Whelan started and that is why I shall be once again taking up the fight for Churchdown. I am honoured to have had so many hard working local Liberal Democrat Councillors who have come before me in Churchdown, and I look forward to continuing that tradition by working hard for everyone that lives here.

As your local Councillor I am here to work for you.

I am already in the process of arranging a meeting with the local Highways Manager for Churchdown to address issues that have been raised on the doorstep during my campaign, please get in contact if there are any issues that you think I should be aware of.

If you  know  of  any   issues  that  you  think  we  as  Liberal Democrats should be taking a look at, please get in touch and then we can talk about them.


Thank you

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