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The appalling state of our pavements

by Jack Williams on 31 October, 2016

  The Churchdown Lib Dem Focus team have highlighted the appalling state of our roads. However, many pavements are even worse due to years of zero investment by Gloucestershire County Council. Councillor Jack Williams said “As part of my Highways Local budget, I have set aside £8k of my spend as local county councillor to […]

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Cllr Jack Williams – Supporting Active communities

by Jack Williams on 22 August, 2016

Churchdown Parish Council has received an Active Together grant from Gloucestershire County Council with the support of local Cllr Jack Williams.

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Last year Gloucestershire County Council trialled a new initiative called the Lengthsman scheme, a mobile two-man Highways crew. In 2016/17 this was expanded to provide Lengthsman to every council member for three weeks in the year on a rotational basis. The trial has shown that Lengthsmen are best focused on a range of basic Highways activities along a defined length […]

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Churchdown Residents say Slow Down

by Jack Williams on 21 July, 2016

Residents of Churchdown, together with Tewkesbury Borough Councillor (Churchd own St John’s Ward) Pearl Stokes, and Gloucestershire County Councillor (Churchdown Division) Jack Williams are forming an action group to address the concerns of speeding in the village through engagement with Churchdown Parish council , Gloucestershire County Council, Gloucestershire Constabulary, local Schools and Businesses.

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Community Speed Watch

by Jack Williams on 12 July, 2016

Councillor Jack Williams has had a number of residents contact him with their concerns about excessive speeding through Churchdown. Jack said “ I am deeply concerned with the way some people drive through Churchdown ignoring both the 20 and 30 mile per hour speed limits. From discussing these concerns I am looking to form a […]

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Thank You!

by Jack Williams on 7 May, 2016

Thank you to everyone who helped, supported and encouraged me – I am pleased to announce that I was elected to represent Churchdown on Gloucestershire County Council with a majority of 638 over the Conservative candidate. The full result

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The POSITIVE choice for Churchdown

by Jack Williams on 19 April, 2016

Local Liberal Democrats have chosen Jack Williams as their candidate for the County Council by-election on Thursday 5th May.   Jack, a proud Churchdown Resident, has lived and worked locally for all of his life. Jack is an Operations Manager in the retail industry, a Parish Councillor and the treasurer to a local playgroup. He has a wife and two […]

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Your vote can make a difference.

by Jack Williams on 9 April, 2016

  Given the last week’s headlines, how can our younger generation trust politicians today? David Cameron can’t give a straight answer relating to his tax arrangements, can we really be expected to believe we are all in this together? Politics does make a difference to your life both locally and nationally.  According to Ipsos MORI […]

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Liberal Democrat candidate for Churchdown by-election

by Jack Williams on 9 April, 2016

I am proud to have be chosen as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Churchdown in the elections on May 5th. I was born and raised in the village, educated at Chosen Hill School and still live here now with my Wife and our two young Children. Local elections really matter.

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