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Cllr Jack Williams – Supporting Active communities

by Jack Williams on 22 August, 2016

Churchdown Parish Council has received an Active Together grant from Gloucestershire County Council with the support of local Cllr Jack Williams.

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Last year Gloucestershire County Council trialled a new initiative called the Lengthsman scheme, a mobile two-man Highways crew. In 2016/17 this was expanded to provide Lengthsman to every council member for three weeks in the year on a rotational basis. The trial has shown that Lengthsmen are best focused on a range of basic Highways activities along a defined length […]

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Liberal Democrat candidate for Churchdown by-election

by Jack Williams on 9 April, 2016

I am proud to have be chosen as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Churchdown in the elections on May 5th. I was born and raised in the village, educated at Chosen Hill School and still live here now with my Wife and our two young Children. Local elections really matter.

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