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The appalling state of our pavements

by Jack Williams on 31 October, 2016


The Churchdown Lib Dem Focus team have highlighted the appalling state of our roads. However, many pavements are even worse due to years of zero investment by Gloucestershire County Council.

Councillor Jack Williams said “As part of my Highways Local budget, I have set aside £8k of my spend as local county councillor to tackle the poor state of our pavements. It is incredibly difficult to choose which pavements to have resurfaced due to the enormous number in Churchdown which are in very poor condition.”

Working in partnership with the Parish Council, which has a footway enhancement reserve, Jack hopes to be able to get more stretches of pavement resurfaced.

Jack added, “There are so many pavements that will need attention so as well as using my Highways Local budget I will continue to press the highways department to improve these with their general maintenance funds.”

If you know of any pavements that are in a poor state of repair please get in contact with Jack

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