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The Lengthsman Scheme – Cllr Jack Williams wants your suggestions

by Jack Williams on 15 August, 2016

Last year Gloucestershire County Council trialled a new initiative called the Lengthsman scheme, a mobile two-man Highways crew. In 2016/17 this was expanded to provide Lengthsman to every council member for three weeks in the year on a rotational basis.

The trial has shown that Lengthsmen are best focused on a range of basic Highways activities along a defined length of road, and
Lengthsmen crews are encouraged to be proactive on site and carry out other jobs they see which need doing, and to engage
with members and parish councillors on site.

Cllr Jack Williams said “The scheme is a great opportunity to get the smaller jobs done that often get over looked compared to bigger projects”

The priority activities for Lengthsmen along a defined length of road  are to fill small holes in road / footway, clean sign faces and bollard reflectors, straighten sign posts, verge posts / bollards, clear drainage gully grills and grips, prune / strim overhanging & intrusive vegetation, tidy up footways (vegetation siding and rebed loose slabs / setts), reset loose kerbs and gully grills.

I want to make sure that the people of Churchdown have their say in our village. Churchdown is a great place but I am sure there are areas such as footpaths or pavements that people would like to see improved. I want to hear your thoughts on areas that you feel need this schemes work most” added Cllr Jack Williams

The scemes next allocated  week in Churchdown is the week commencing the 5th September. You can get in contact with Cllr Williams via email at jack.williams@gloucestershire.gov.uk or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cllrjackwilliams


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  1. Sue Moore says:

    I live on the Gloucester Road and we have asked several times if the footpath along the entire route between Hayden Lane and the Motorway bridge could be cleared. Currently a mother and child cannot walk side by side along parts of it which is very dangerous….There are also hedges along the stretch between Briarfields campsite and Hayden Lane which overhang the path, again making it difficult to walk along, and impossible at times when its been raining. My other gripe is Pheasant lane. The main problem is the pedestrian part running along Swanbrook coaches. The rubbish and the mud is appalling at times and if its been raining no one can walk along there in decent shoes. Happy to explain if my description is not clear. Thank you for listening.

    • Jack Williams says:

      Hi Sue, unfortunately the those areas are not part of the Churchdown division so I would not be able to use this scheme to help you. However you can report these issues online at http://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/reportit

      I would also suggest contacting your local councillor to see if they can help, I believe your councillor is Phillip Awford.

      Thanks Jack

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