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Community Speed Watch

by Jack Williams on 12 July, 2016

Councillor Jack Williams has had a number of residents contact him with their concerns about excessive speeding through Churchdown.

Jack said “ I am deeply concerned with the way some people
drive through Churchdown ignoring both the 20 and 30
mile per hour speed limits. From discussing theseSpeed sign
concerns I am looking to form a community group of
individuals that would like to work together to tackle this

The first meeting will be on Wednesday 20th July at 7 pm
at the GL3 Community Hub; if you would like to be
involved please do come along. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss this please contact Jack using the details on this page




6 Responses

  1. Phil Harries says:

    Much more concerned about Parking, especially during school pickup. Particularly outside Brambles vets !

  2. Rob says:

    Excellent initiative. Parking is a other issue, especially the bottleneck at the North end of Pirton.

  3. Jo Witchard says:

    People speed a lot along pirton lane just past the railway bridge. It’s only got a narrow path on one side and it terrifies me to take my 3 year old along there. I can’t go through the cut through to cordingly close as I have a baby in a pram and those steps are enormous. I would like to see those steps become more accessible by way of a slop. Any chance of this?

  4. John Wright says:

    I agree with Phil. The traffic congestion caused by the school drop off /pick up in Winstone Rd & Pirton Lane is ridiculous. Can’t some of these kids walk to school?
    Also the morning rush hour queueing for ages to get out of Innsworth Lane, Parton Rd, Pirton Lane and sometimes almost from the filling station to get onto Elmbridge roundabout. The whole traffic management of Churchdown seems to be totally inadequate.

  5. Peter Mockridge says:

    Re Speeding between the railway bridge and St john’s Church.

    I live at Oundle in the above area in Upper Pirton Lane.
    The speeding here is now dramatically out of control 40-50 seems to be the norm with odd vehicles and motor bikes frequently above this.
    I have been in touch with Stagecoach in Gloucester recently as several buses routinely exceed the speed limit particularly if the miss out the two stops towards the railway bridge
    Unfortunately I was not aware of your recent meeting on the subject or I would have attended.
    I believe it is now time for some drastic action. Bill Whellan told me that he had access to a speed gun so that we may verify the actual speeds being used.

    I am on the verge of writing to the police to request a camera van or officer operated speed guns, which would certainly prove financially profitable (Dependent on who gets the proceeds these days!)

    Last week I was cutting the high hedges outside my property where it is necessary to stand on a narrow 40 degree slope between the hedge and the pavement to operate a heavy hedge cutter. To do this these days one takes a huge risk of stumbling and colliding with a car. I can confirm that seeing someone cutting hedges in no way deters the speeders.

    I have a supply of 30mph signs from the road safety office at Waterworlds, which I have had for some time, plus some stick on for wheelie bins etc.
    I have not had a chance to put the board signs up as yet as it really would require 3 people for safety.

    I would comment, that as the hedging on the up hill side has not been cut this year to expose the path, it would be difficult to find anything to fix them too on that side.

    My house with its two entrances would be an ideal place to locate a camera which I am quite willing to do if necessary.

    My contact number is 01452 713722 work
    and 01452 712878 at home. If I can be of help.

    Peter and Sue Mockridge

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