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The POSITIVE choice for Churchdown

by Jack Williams on 19 April, 2016

Local Liberal Democrats have chosen Jack Williams as their candidate for the County Council by-election on Thursday 5th May.

Jack Williams helping out with the recent 'Clean for the Queen' litter pick

Jack Williams helping out with the recent ‘Clean for the Queen’ litter pick. Liberal Democrat councillors work hard all year round for Churchdown. They don’t just turn up at election time asking for your vote.


Jack, a proud Churchdown Resident, has lived and worked locally for all of his life. Jack is an Operations Manager in the retail industry, a Parish Councillor and the treasurer to a local playgroup. He has a wife and two young Children.

Churchdown residents are facing a number of challenges at the moment, the potential development of the surrounding greenbelt and the ever worsening state of our roads.

Jack and his colleagues, Kay Berry and Pearl Stokes have spent many hours talking to local residents to help address their issues and concerns. It is vitally important that the way our area is perceived is positive and Jack hopes that residents will trust him to do the best for them and the area.

Jack said “Because I live in the area and I’m active in the community, I am not immune to the problems we face. I know how committed Bill Whelan was to the residents of Churchdown and I am passionate about seeing his work continue. I also know that the residents of Churchdown are capable of overcoming the issues that we are facing and I look forward to being part of the solution. I would be pleased and proud to have your support”

    Churchdown election result 2013. Only Jack can beat the Tories in Churchdown. Ÿ No other candidate can win in this ward but they could influence the result.

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