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Liberal Democrat candidate for Churchdown by-election

by Jack Williams on 9 April, 2016

I am proud to have be chosen as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Churchdown in the elections on May 5th. I was born and raised in the village, educated at Chosen Hill School and still live here now with my Wife and our two young Children. Local elections really matter. The County Council has an important part to play in keeping Churchdown a pleasant, prosperous and welcoming place to live.It is with great sadness that this election is only taking place due to the tragic death of Liberal Democrat councillor Bill Whelan. Bill worked tirelessly for Churchdown and was a true inspiration. I only when joined the Parish Council that I realised how much Bill did for the village and I will ensure that this work continues.

As we all know it is not just the big issues that matter. Often small things like having our roads and pavements clean and repaired promptly can make a difference to our quality of life. Having hard working local councillors ensures such things are not forgotten.I am appalled by the state of our roads and pavements.

The Conservative-run County Council, which is responsible for highways, just don’t seem to understand that more needs to be done. If I am elected as your local councillor, I will press the County Council for more repairs to our roads and pavements.

It will be a close contest here between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. The local elections on May 5th will not be about national issues, it is about finding the best person to represent our area and everyone who lives here.You should already receive the regular “FOCUS” newsletter through your door, paid for and delivered by volunteers, which gives you an insight into local issues and our community campaigns

I very much hope that you will support me in the County Council election in May so that I can work as hard and effectively as I can on your behalf.

With best wishes

Jack Williams


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